All about holistic therapist Carol Trower, founder of Vital Sense

CT1334 723x1024 All about holistic therapist Carol Trower, founder of Vital Sense Hello, my name is Carol Trower. I am wife and a mother of two grown up daughters and a very proud hands on grandmother and I am based in London.

My mission is to work tirelessly to promote positive nurturing touch throughout the UK and beyond.

I have studied and been involved in positive touch for health and wellbeing in a professional capacity for over four decades as a qualified nurse, surgical ward sister, midwife and health visitor/childcare expert and now company director of Vital Sense.

It was my professional qualification as a heath visitor combined with a Post- Graduate Diploma in Child Emotional Health that gave me extensive experience and expertise in infant, child and adolescent physical and emotional development. This created a burning passion to do everything possible in order to improve children’s emotional health and family connection of which our vital sense of touch is the foundation sense for our nurture and well-being.

 I now have qualifications in Holistic Massage Therapy (BTEC), reflexology (ITEC), Infant Massage (CIMI) and Massage in Schools Instructor and International Trainer.

In 2012, I instigated writing a submission to the UN making a case for all infants/children to receive nurturing touch, as a basic human right for health.

I have used this knowledge and my passion to serve as Chairperson/President on two national organisations, promoting nurturing touch including the founding chair of one organisation, developing the board’s ethical culture of respect, fairness and integrity.

Currently I am the International President of the Massage in Schools Association, an International Trainer and Public Speaker.

Locally: Since 1990 I have been a trustee of a charitable board supporting the local community.

I was commissioned as a Pastoral Assistant in 1999 in Southwark Cathedral, serving on the Spa council for six years.  I am a member of the Pastoral Oversight Team of my local church.

My belief is that positive nurturing touch is a basic human right that should be understood as a vital core human activity from the moment of birth through to our last breath.

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