The Benefits of Baby Massage with Vital Sense

Baby massage with Vital Sense

” Being a certified infant Massage instructor is the most rewarding role that I have undertaken in my professional career. Working with new parents and seeing real results week on week is emotional development, personal bonding and communication within the parent-child relationships makes for a very fulfilling role. I feel I have helped many individuals by offering them the foundations for a secure and confident relationship with their babies and would recommend this training to anyone working in early-years development. ”

Carol Trower, Certified Infant Massage Instructor

Vital Sense Infant Massage 4 The Benefits of Baby Massage with Vital Sense

Vital Sense promotes the use of positive nurturing touch in families with babies from birth through to 1 year of age, through infant massage classes. Baby massage is a way of being connected to your baby and is a way of understanding your baby`s language. It is a real bonding experience – bonding may be experienced through eye contact, touch, smell, taste and listening.

Baby massage is a positive touch you do with your baby, not to your baby. It is an interaction rather than a task. You learn which strokes your baby enjoys and, as if dancing, go with the flow of your baby’s body language. While it is nearly impossible to rub your baby the wrong way, with Vital Sense you have the opportunity to come and learn the right touch for your baby.

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